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Our Four Pillars for Project Selection

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Because we only work in our backyard in the communities we know intimately, we are able to seek out the highest value of land while we work with staff and council to align with their goals. We strive to create a unique project each development through listening to the community's we live in and serve.

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The Investment Journey With Azure

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Assess & Determine Project Viability

Project must fulfill Azure’s Proprietary Design Methodology criteria.
Multidisciplinary in-house range of services allows for streamlined communication and coordination throughout the lifecycle of the project to ensure maximum efficiency.

Preliminary Plans and Budgets

Prepare and present innovative concepts to approving authorities and community stakeholders to maximize value.
Create feasibility scenarios with multiple layers of sensitivity to ensure conservatism and profit protection.

Raise The Capital

By partnering with investors at the onset of property purchase, we share in the majority of the profits earned through the land development stage, which is unique to Limited Partnerships.
Structuring capital raise to limit and protect the investor.

Break Ground & Develop

In-house expertise leads and guides the project from development to construction.

Sale of Homes & Distribute The Gains

Project is sold to homeowners and all proceeds are distributed.

What Our Partners Have to Say

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Steven Joe : I recently had the pleasure of working with Azure Properties, and I must say my experience has been nothing short of outstanding. As someone deeply involved in personal finance, I understand the importance of making wise investments, and choosing Azure Properties for my residential needs has proven to be a decision I wholeheartedly commend.

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Darcy Schlechtleitner : Azure developments is the best development company I have ever worked with. A family company, doing the next right thing always. Smart, conscientious, kind and forward thinking. I would highly recommend if you get a chance to work with this group that you do. It’s been a pleasure

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Rich Patterson : Working with Azure, Gagan and the team has been very rewarding. Their commitment to quality and community sets them apart. I wouldn't hesitate recommending them for large or small scale commercial or residential development projects.

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